Trends in Traditional Signage for 2019

2019 Out-of-Home Print Advertising Trends

It’s that time of year again, when people start emerge from hibernation and into the throes of spring! Everywhere people are looking at the new buds on trees, blades of grass, and your new signs! Businesses know that they have to keep their signs fresh, whether that’s window clings, sidewalk displays or even billboards, so for sign companies – this is your time to shine! So, what can you expect in 2019 for outdoor advertising and signage? A lot!

Out-of-home print advertising is far from dead – as many sign manufacturers are well aware! Digital advertising is gaining ground rapidly, especially in urban areas, where digital billboards litter the skyline and buildings. While one might think that the upswing in digital advertising might mean the decline of print media, many companies are utilizing a blend of both digital and print media as compliments to one another in order to create a comprehensive marketing message. One method of combining print and digital is through AR, which delivers an interactive experience that is sure to get noticed and is certainly gaining traction.

While futuristic digital advertising might be on the uptick, traditional signage may be returning back to its roots! There is a lot of speculation that 2019 will bring a surge in vintage and nostalgic designed signage. This includes aluminum and wood signs, as well as neon tube lighting. These types of signs are sure to be popular for bars, restaurants, and smaller boutiques.

It’s the perfect time for vintage signs to make a resurgence too! There is a predicted increase in direct-to-substrate printing for rigid and semi-rigid materials, such as metals, aluminum, wood, and plastics, which could make for not only an old-school look, but also a textured feel, which is sure to appeal to customers! Humans are tactile creatures that just can’t seem to keep our hands off of everything. Popular choices remain grained woods, soft-touch velvet, embossing, and foils. Many coatings can add this spice for outdoor displays! Mesh and fabric are also becoming increasingly popular choices for outdoor signs and banners.

Because print technology is advancing, more outdoor signage is being UV-printed since it provides better protection from the sun. Banners and signs are that UV-printed demonstrate better resistance to fading. Since these signs have better color they tend to be more readable, attractive, and give off more “pop” impact.

This year offers a huge opportunity for printing companies who are willing to get their hands a little sticky. With the legalization and increased acceptance of cannabis, many companies are looking for loopholes to advertise their wares. Many platforms will not make ads for marijuana products, leaving the door open for sign manufacturers to step in. However, there still may be regulations in place for the zoning of cannabis advertisements that one should be aware of.

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