Problem-Free with Anti-Graffiti

Problem Free with Anti-Graffiti

Graffiti is a growing problem across the United States, with cities spending $12 billion a year in cleanup costs – and that doesn’t include the expenses incurred by business owners. A single incident of vandalism carried a staggering price tag of $3,370. Once a business or area has been “tagged”– it is 62% more likely to be targeted again. Not only do business owners carry the cost of the physical removal of the graffiti (paint, removal service, etc.), but they also face the additional cost of potential lost revenue.

The impact of vandalism, including graffiti, can be felt long-term as it creates the perception to potential patrons that the area is unsafe and in general disrepair, creating concerns regarding increased crime in the area and driving customers elsewhere. Graffiti and other forms of vandalism can damage a business’ equity with estimates that the commercial real estate value can decrease by up to 30% if graffiti exists within two blocks of a given building.

In an effort to minimize the detrimental effect that graffiti has on communities, many cities have enacted ordinances which require swift removal of graffiti, generally from 24 hours for more offensive markings to a week for benign markings. Studies have found that the more rapidly graffiti is removed, the less likely it is to be tagged again. Tags removed within 48 hours have a 15% recurrence rate, versus a 50% recurrence rate if it takes a week days to remove. Much of this is due to graffiti artists wanting their work to be showcased, and being discouraged by areas where they know it will not last long. Given the effect of rapid removal on graffiti and probability of reoccurrence, many cities require private citizens to remove graffiti at their own cost – and to do so quickly. Business owners and individuals who do not comply with these regulations are generally fined.

Graffiti removal can be expensive and time consuming – not to mention harmful to the environment. Many business owners find themselves painting over the graffiti – this often leads to a blank canvas to be tagged again, especially when using light colors. Paint also adds more unnecessary VOCs into the atmosphere. Some people choose to use services to pressure wash graffiti – which can be both costly and can cause damage to the surface at hand. Many methods of removal can take several days – which business owners often don’t have.

How can you protect yourself from graffiti?

You can be pro-active rather than reactive – and save yourself time, money, and elbow grease. Anti-graffiti coatings act as the best deterrents to graffiti since they can make it difficult for spray paint to adhere to, and easy to remove. Polymeric’s Fortifi Anti-Graffiti Clear is a non-sacrificial coating that enables quick and effective graffiti removal. Simply wipe down the surface with acetone, alcohol, or high-pressure water to remove unwanted markings. This coating is particularly effective against aerosol and enamel spray paints. This will allow for swift removal, which will deter further vandalism. Fortifi Anti-Graffiti Clear is designed for styrene, acrylic, polyester, coated metal, coated cardboard stock, and other rigid materials.

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