Packaging Trends 2019

Packaging Trends 2019


With more products crowding the shelves, it is becoming increasingly harder for products to stand out among the noise. Packaging is one of the key factors that determine whether a product gets placed in the cart or collects dust in the store. There are a few packaging trends that seem to be at play for 2019 that might just help to spark interest.

Personalized Packaging
We live in a world where personalization is the final word in packaging (among other things). Digital printers will likely see this trend continue and increase in not only 2019, but in general. One of the best examples of personalization in packaging can be seen in Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign. Bottles and cans hit the shelves not only with generic terms like “friend” or “loved one”, but with highly personalized names such as “Joseph” and “Laura”. People scrambled to find their own names among the shelves or those of friends and family (and, if you’re petty like me, avoided those with names of people you disliked). This campaign allowed customers to not only engage with the brand on a personal level, but also made way for consumers to become story-tellers for the brand on social media platforms and across other channels of communication. One could argue that the packaging even went viral as several creative memes popped up online focused on Coca-Cola’s labels.

Sustainable Packaging
If you want to rake in the green, you may want to consider going green in your packaging. Even if you aren’t ACTUALLY concerned about the environment (although you should be), your customers likely are! According to Nielson, 66 percent of global consumers report that they were willing to pay more for sustainable brands. This mindset is particularly true of Millennials and Generation Z, with nearly 75% of both groups reporting that they would be willing to pay higher prices for products with sustainable packaging. You may also be saving more money by going green now and getting the processes in place ahead of time, as it is likely that in the future there will be mandatory regulations on sustainable packaging practices.

Speaking of recycling, it appears that what is old is “in” again. Just like vinyl records and tin signs are making a strong comeback, so too is vintage packaging. Consumers no longer are just looking for products, but an experience. Vintage packaging offers a homemade feel that is so often missing in today’s world of mass-production. Even if the actual product IS mass produced in a factory – the packaging can suggest that special care was taken on each individual item. The vintage design also adds an air of sophistication and exclusivity that regular packaging might not.

While some brands might be able to ride on the wave of nostalgia, others are taking a step towards the future! Some brands are getting consumers involved in a different way – through technology. Brands are utilizing smartphones to add another dimension to their packaging through AR/VR. One such brand that has stood out among others is 19 Crimes, a collection of reasonably priced wines. Consumers can download the Living Wine Labels app to watch the labels come to life on their phone and give their stories. It is an innovative way to bring customers together through packaging, not just the product.


2019 expects to see a softer side of packaging as far as colors are concerned. Many brands are turning to neutrals and pastels in their palettes rather than brash and bold colors. These packages tend to incorporate a more natural and holistic feel than has been seen in the past. The softer color palette is predicted to be used in juxtaposition to a bolder font for the company name and logo. Many companies may also incorporate these softer colors with natural elements, such as leaves, flowers, raindrops to create a more relaxing vibe for their product.


Here transparency can be taken to mean two different things – and they both apply! Customers want physically clear packaging while also demanding honesty in packaging. Consumers are increasingly interested in exactly what is in their food, where it came from, and how it was sourced. These same customers are interested in being able to physically see the product, rather than just the package. They want clear and recyclable packaging, including glass and transparent films. This packaging will be especially useful in artisanal and all-natural/organic food products. This type of packaging is perfect for places such as Whole Foods and Sprouts.

Minimalist Packaging

Less is more. With consumers being inundated with over 4,000 ads a day it is refreshing to the eye to see a simplistic package with a straight-forward message and basic coloring. This style of packaging delivers instant information about the product’s contents in a clear-cut manner with no distractions or unnecessary fluff. This is expected to be one of the biggest trends of 2019.

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