Silver as an Anti-Microbial

It’s well known that silver demonstrates anti-microbial properties. This knowledge has been around for centuries. What is less known is how it kills micro-organisms.   […]

Laminating Liquid Coatings – Protective Measures

Laminating Liquid Coatings Protective Measures By Olivia Cahoon Digital Output Magazine May 2020  Despite ink durability advancements, certain digitally printed products still benefit and […]

Giving Back

This week Polymeric donated 50 gallons to Benton House of Tiffany Springs, Benton House of Staley Hills, and 25 gallons to Valley Manor Rehab in […]

Essential Business Update to COVID-19

March 25 2020   POLYMERIC GROUP REMAINS IN OPERATION As our nation and local communities deal with the on-going COVID-19, we want to ensure that […]

Print HERstory at Polymeric

Polymeric is made up of an amazing team of chemists, innovators, and business gurus. Many of advocates have dedicated decades to their careers at Polymeric […]