Coronavirus Update

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Polymeric is currently evaluating the supply of raw materials that are sourced from China on a daily basis. We have taken measures to increase our current holdings of materials that are known to be sourced from China in order to prevent shipping delays of our manufactured products. We do not foresee any immediate or near-term disruptions to our business.


As the outbreak is very serious and ongoing, we cannot speculate on how inventories maybe affected by long term factory shutdowns. Many of our suppliers may rely on chemical precursors sourced from China and as such would normally have a 3-4 month supply of these materials available at any given time.   We are currently surveying our vendors about any foreseeable supply disruptions. We have not been notified of any current or upcoming supply issues.


We are confident that China is working vigilantly to end this outbreak in a fast and expeditious manner. Polymeric is committed to providing our customers with current updates and to keep any supply disruptions to a minimum.


James Martin

Vice President of Operations


For further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.