2020 Super (Chili) Bowl!

Touchdown – Kansas City!


Everyone at Polymeric is in high spirits on this Red Friday – and why not? We’re Super Bowl bound this Sunday, for the first time in 50 years! For many of us here, it’s the first time in our lives we’ve seen our hometown team go the distance. What could be better?

Chili. Crock pots full of chili. Spicy chili, sweet chili, chunky chili, oh – and don’t forget the toppings! Cheese, cheese, sour cream, Fritos, corn bread, did I mention cheese?

The best part? Chocolate cake.

Super Bowl? What Super Bowl?

Have you SEEN this cake?


(Our lovely office ladies, Anna, Patti, and Donna showing off their Chiefs spirit and our lab advocates proving they’ve got MORE spirit – Steve, Karina, Kevin, Amy, Ron)







Steve Fuentes is 100% Feeling Pantone 186C

Advocating for

Our Chiefs!!


Pramudi Abeydeera is sporting the red!


Kevin House is Rooting for the Chiefs




It’s a sea of red today

in the

Research and Development







You Know What Else is Red????



We had four wonderful batches of chili today! Our advocates also brought in cheese, Fritos, cornbread, sour cream, crackers, soda, chocolate cake, chocolate mousse cake, vegetarian chili, and even ice cream sandwiches.
It was a feast fit for the Super Bowl!


In the end, there could only be one winner.


2020 Chili Queen, Angela

“It might not be the Vince Lombardi trophy, but I’ll take it!”

– Angela Argit

Winner of the 2020 Chili Cookoff