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Anti-Graffiti Coatings Offer Superior Protection


Is your Point of Purchase display safe from graffiti and other damage? Many POP displays, including kiosks, signage, and wallcoverings require protective laminates or coatings to protect against graffiti and abrasion. In addition to protecting the display, these coatings can also increase vibrancy and detail of the print itself and extend the life of the graphic from environmental impact such as UV light.


Polymeric’s FORTIFI Anti-Graffiti coating protects POP graphics (styrene, acrylic, polyester, coated metals, coated cardboard stock, and other rigid materials) against aerosol spray, permanent ink, and other common defacement materials. This coating protects POP graphics from being ruined from tagging, which is important, as it protects not just the graphic, but also the brand’s image from being negatively interpreted. End users want to ensure that their message is not disrupted by tagging or unintentional damage. In many cases, these messages are advertising, and any sort of defacement can detract from the value of the product and/or brand, which counters the whole point of the graphic.


“FORTIFI Anti-Graffiti is useful for a myriad of displays. It is most popular for POP graphics and signage found in the transit sector, such as bus stations and subways, as they are most likely to be defaced by passengers wielding Sharpies or aerosol paint,” quotes Angela Argit, Marketing Manager.

FORTIFI Anti-Graffiti cleaning allows for easy cleaning of the graphic, with just isopropyl alcohol, acetone, or high-pressure water. The ability to clean off graffiti easily saves end users greatly from reprinting the graphic, which gets costly quickly. This also protects the image of the end user, as the more quickly the graffiti can be wiped away, the better their messaging remains intact.


In addition to intentional defacing, FORTIFI Anti-Graffiti protects graphics and displays from unintentional damage. This coating helps seal the POP in safely from being scratched and from other wear and tear caused by high-traffic retail environments. Anywhere that there is human interaction, there is the possibility for damage, and FORTIFI Anti-Graffiti helps to mitigate that potential by protecting against abrasion.


For maximum utility, consider adding our anti-microbial SilvaKure™ additive.

SilvaKure™ incorporates an EPA-registered anti-microbial active ingredient that provides protection against common bacterial pathogens, such as E.coli and Staph