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About Polymeric

Our History

I have been purchasing from Polymeric for at least 20 years. I find the staff to be very friendly and helpful. Prices are very competitive and on time delivery is very important to the success of our company. Diane Simonson - Empire Screen Printing

Originally founded in 1993 as Polymeric Imaging, Inc., the company started off as an ink manufacture located in Riverside, Missouri. Polymeric initially focused on creating unique UV screen inks and industrial coatings. Now, Polymeric is nestled in North Kansas City, just a few miles away from our original home. Polymeric has grown substantially since its inception, and now has locations located throughout the world, including the United States, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, Mexico, and Canada.

Polymeric has also stepped into other areas of ink production, and now creates innovative inks and coatings for digital and flexo, as well as screen. Most of our products are Energy-Curable, although there are some solvent and water-based products available.

Our primary Research and Development facility is located in North Kansas City, where our chemists work on new developments, including projects for low-migration inks, products designed for high speed printing and continuously improving our highly weatherable protective coatings. Most of our projects are influenced by the needs of our customers. This has led Polymeric to develop innovative inks for a variety of cures, adhesion, color densities, and has also led to the development of more eco-friendly inks and coatings.


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