2019 Printrest Trends


Just like every marketer, isn’t it every printer’s dream to know what the future will hold in terms of popular colors, designs, and trends? If it isn’t – it should be! If Pintrest is a good indicator of trends that printers should all be aware of this year, we’ve got quite the list of things you may be seeing a lot of in 2019.

Break out the Dye-Sub
Pintrest saw an increase of 475% for “Ceramic Pottery”, which means planters, plates, statues, and so much more. Bring on the bold colors!

We’re Floored
Ceramic pottery isn’t the only area where Dye-Sub can really get their claws in. “Painted Floor Tiles” were up by a whopping 1,276%!! Looks like the days of boring floors are over. Bold colors as well as mosaic designs seem to doing well in the searches.

Short Notice, But…
Apparently bike shorts are going to be THE thing in fashion this year. According to The Trend Spotter, they’re going to be particularly popular when paired with blazers. Pintrest searches back this up with a spike of 1,323% of “biker shorts”. While this trend is making me cringe already, it is great news again for you Dye-Sub printers, because so many bike shorts are made from Polyester materials. Sure sounds like this will be a busy year for the industry!

I Saw the Sign
“Neon Wedding Signs” were searched 281% more on the popular site. Neon signs are expected to make a comeback in general this year, along with other vintage signage – which brings us to our next popular trend…

Tin is In
Searches for “Tin Interiors” were up by 563% for all areas of interior decorating, including backsplashes and wallpapers. Aluminum and metals are also supposed to be popular signage options for 2019, especially with bars and restaurants.

Such a Wallflower
Tin isn’t the only thing gracing the walls, and paint might not be cutting it either. Searches for “Bold Print Wallpaper” are up 401%. Many of these searches are focused on tropical and bright designs.

I’m All Chalked Up
Another important area for signage will be chalkboards. Vintage and fun – “Chalk Art” searches were up 664%.

Slow Ride
Tortoise might be creeping in on the trends this year as well. While the search for “tortoise earrings” was up 679%, one can expect that the tortoise color trend will be popular in other areas of fashion this year as well.

I’ve Got a Snake in My Boot
“Snake print” is slithering into fashion in a big way this year, up by 642%. This particular trend could be a lot of fun in packaging, where printers can add texture that really ssssticksss out!

The Rains Down in Africa
Gonna make some time to print the things of this year’s fads. “African Print Fashion” is being blessed as one of this year’s top fashion trends, with searches up by 229%. So our textile printers out there might want to bust out those radiant purples and yellows.

It’s PANDAmonium!
Another fad that is booming this year is “Bamboo Bags” with an astonishing 2,215% surge in searches. Is bamboo THE substrate to print on for the year? Possibly! Definitely something that might be a popular subject to print, and again – a fun way to add a little texture? And while the search is limited to bags – it might be also be a hit in packaging and signage as well. Who doesn’t want a bamboo box?

It’s a Shoe In
“Statement sneakers” are also poised to be a bit hit this year with Pintrest users blowing up the search bar an addition 2,211%. So if shoes are an area where your ink works wonders – be ready to bust out some bold colors!

Get into Shape
Geometric shapes and patterns are supposedly going to be all the rage this season. “Geometric decor” (especially for children’s rooms) is especially popular this year, with search results up by 1,178% and “geometric paint” up 225%. This could also be a good area for not only textile printers, but also wallpaper printers to jump into, with bold wallpaper seeing an increase in popularity already.

Up in Smoke
“Smokebomb Photography” is becoming a popular Pintrest trend with a 436% rise in searches. This could be a very fun trend to add to packaging with a wispy matte finish.

Lilac You Enough to Tell You…
This one might be a bit of an assumption, but “lilac hair” is up 1,077% (I can’t blame you Pintrest searchers for this one!). As grey hair became all the rage (and still is) within the last few years, it also seemed that the color grey made a big appearance in general. I’m going to go ahead and say that we can expect the same with lilacs and lavenders in the coming year.

How Polymeric Can Help You Get Ahead of the Trends
Polymeric manufactures inks and coatings that can help you get a jump on many of the trends listed above. We can make a fantastic UV curable screen ink for chalkboards signs (and not just in black either!) We also have inks and coatings which work on anodized metals such as aluminum for those tin signs. Polymeric also carries dye-sublimation inks which produce vibrant colors. See our product pages for more information or give us a call at (816)221-5567 to see how we can assist you in staying ahead of the curve! www.polymericgroup.com

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