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Polymeric - Innovative Ink and Coating Solutions Provider


Your Prints. Better.

Polymeric is more than an ink manufacturer – we’re a solutions provider. We recognize our role as an industrial print supplier is to adapt to your processes and unique challenges. That’s why we develop an ongoing, consultative relationship with our customers to understand your unique challenges. Polymeric’s ink and coating solutions often transcend their role in the process – by reducing production costs, streamlining assembly and manufacturing processes, and enhancing end-product life and vibrance in the toughest of environments.

We know that when you come to Polymeric, you are not looking for off-the-shelf solutions. Industrial printing presents challenges unique to your business. Variables like forms, substrates, and surface finishes drive your need for unique solutions. Polymeric’s advocates collaborate with your team to completely understand the technology, process, application, or market challenges you’re looking to solve. We then immerse ourselves into your business with several sets of new eyes eager to match experience with opportunity. Polymeric works with you to develop solutions which push the boundaries of what is currently possible.

Our customers include digital OEMs, printer and printhead manufacturers, and printers. Polymeric’s unique solutions run the gamut of the major printing processes: screen, digital, textile, as well as functional coatings. If you haven’t heard of Polymeric, that is not surprising as we are happy to allow our customers to own the spotlight and promote our solutions under their own brand!

G7 Calibration with Polymeric Inks

Mike Ruff, one of the most well known screen and digital print consultants in the industry discusses his experience with Polymeric’s screen inks with G7 calibration. Mike Ruff has over 40 years’ of experience in the graphics and printing industry.  His early career developed in the sign and screen printing industry, and through years of dedication, he has built his reputation as one of the most well known screen and digital printing consultants and trainers in the industry. Demand for Mike’s productivity planning and training led to the creation of one of the top consulting services in North America.

Find out more about Mike’s services and experience on his website.

Success Stories

Polymeric’s ultimate measure of our own success isn’t determined by sales volume or by website traffic. Our value is rooted in our ability to help our customers to better compete in their markets, and to accomplish new feats. Enabling our customers to expand their dreams into possibilities is what Polymeric means by “Dream. Print. Innovate.” 

  • Providing adhesion, extreme flexibility and long-term weathering is always a challenge. We have many customers serving the fleet, vehicle wrap and long-term decal segment. We provide both the ink and overprint clears designed for use on cast and calendared pressure sensitive vinyl that meet these stringent requirements.

    Overprint Clear Coating and V-Wrap LTX Solution #13,476 and #21,909
  • Few applications are more physically demanding than thermoforming especially when the finished product is a bath or shower insert with the depth and extent of the draw and the consistent exposure to moisture and cleaning products. The solution was a coating applied via a roller-coater over latex inks. The end result was a more efficient and highly flexible production process significantly increasing customer satisfaction, sales and the bottom line.

    Thermoforming 3D Clear Solution #24,980
  • Most print service providers today utilize a variety of digital print technology to meet their customers’ needs. However, this results in many challenges to maintain color consistency across digital platforms and increases inventory costs. The Universal series digital ink provides optimal cure on both conventional UV and LED cure platforms allowing a single ink to be used across multiple printers. In addition, the Universal ink provides outstanding adhesion to a wide variety of rigid and flexible substrates including fluted polypropylene. The vibrant colors and wide color gamut that exceeds most international color standards is the icing on the cake.

    Universal Plus Solution #29,748
Polymeric sells adhesive laminates
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Polymeric color matches Pantone colors
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